McDonald’s Japan Unveils Big America Burgers

McDonald's Japan Presents: Big America

Image courtesy McDonald's Corporation

Next year, McDonald’s Japan will offer four new sandwiches as part of its Big America menu.

Via Popfi:

“Leave it to the Japanese to make a Hawaiian burger with no Spam or pineapple on it!  Still, while the Japanese might be picking a [non-traditional] format for their American burgers, at least they all have bacon on them.  We can all agree that bacon is the best.”

In addition to a host of exclusive offerings like the Chicken Tatsua and the Bacon & Potato Pie, McDonald’s customers in Japan can now order the Texas Burger, the New York Burger, the California Burger, and the Hawaiian Burger.  All of the burgers have unique features, such as the Texas Burger’s Kaiser roll and the Hawaiian burger’s gravy-topped fried egg patty. reports that the Big America menu launches on the heels of tremendous success in the region for the familiar Quarter Pounder with Cheese.

The new hamburgers go on sale in Japan starting January 8th.


[McDonald’s Japan: Big America]



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