Papa John’s Pizza Celebrates New Year’s Eve with Free Cinnapies

Papa John's Pizza Cinnapie

Image courtesy Papa John's International, Inc.

Tonight, Papa John’s Pizza will treat revelers at the official “New Year’s Eve in Times Square” party with coupons for a free Cinnapie.

Citing information from a company news release, Advertising Age reported yesterday that Papa John’s Founder and CEO John Schnatter will host one of several hourly countdowns at the celebration.  Counting down to the end of the 9 PM hour, Schnatter will address the crowd of thousands from atop a stage situated between 46th Street and 47th Street before signaling a “confetti” drop of coupons good for one free cinnamon-and-brown-sugar-struesel dessert.  Finally, in line with his “Papa’s in the House” series of television commercials, Schnatter will personally dispense pizzas throughout the crowd.

Throughout the night, Papa John’s, via its Facebook page, will also unveil coupon codes good for online orders as part of its live webcast of the Times Square Alliance & Countdown Entertainment-hosted event.

The Kentucky-based pizza delivery chain continues celebrating its 25th Anniversary in January with a National Football Month limited time offer and its “Be in the House with Papa at Super Bowl XLIV” sweepstakes.


[Papa John’s on Facebook]


One Response to “Papa John’s Pizza Celebrates New Year’s Eve with Free Cinnapies”

  1. Paul Says:

    I wish i can have papa johns cinnapies everyday or alot thats way i want to be rich

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