Blimpie Promotes New Lower-Calorie Sandwiches

Blimpie Sub Sandwiches

Image courtesy Blimpie Sub Sandwiches

Blimpie unveiled a new lineup of six-inch sub sandwiches that all contain 400 calories or less.

Touting the selections as a perfect complement to New Year’s Resolutions centered on weight-loss, Blimpie unveiled the menu via an announcement on The menu continues the submarine sandwich chain’s recent trend of simply following in the footsteps of its biggest competitors, Subway and Quizno’s.  Not only does the Blimpie collection bear a striking resemblance to the “7 Subs with 6 Grams of Fat or Less” labeled as Jared’s Favorites on Subway’s menu, but it also comprises individual offerings that mirror Subway menu choices.  In the announcement, Blimpie mentions its Signature Club, as well as its turkey, roast beef, and chicken teriyaki sandwiches — all varieties found in Jared’s Favorites.  Blimpie also recently began offering footlong sandwiches for $5, directly adopting Subway’s most popular promotion.

Arizona-based Blimpie Sub Sandwiches currently offers its lower-calorie sandwiches at all of its nearly 1,000 restaurants nationwide.


[Blimpie Sub Sandwiches]



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