Whataburger Celebrates First Annual Free Jalapeño Week

Whataburger Free Jalapeño Week

Image courtesy Whataburger Restaurants, LP

Whataburger has created a new holiday for its latest promotion, during which customers can add jalapeños to any entrée for free.

During Free Jalapeño Week, the Southwestern-U.S. hamburger chain will forgo the $0.45 charge it usually assesses customers who want to top their Whataburger or breakfast Taquito with the green chili pepper.  Also as part of the event, on Tuesday, eight different locations will host firefighters and police officers as they take part in jalapeño-eating contests for charity.  A press release issued by the restaurant claims that $8,000 in all will go to a number of different charities.

Free Jalapeño Week comes on the heels of several unique promotions.  Last November, Whataburger hosted “Orange Night Out,” on which customers who entered participating restaurants sporting the company’s trademark color received a free hamburger.  Later in the winter, the chain reduced the price of its Taquitos and also hosted twelve separate giveaways for its email subscribers.

Whataburger celebrates its 60th Anniversary this summer.  Free Jalapeño Week begins today and ends January 17.


[Whataburger Serves]


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