Denny’s Unveils Unlimited Pancakes Offer

Stack 'em high: Denny's now offers unlimited refills of French fries and pancakes, two of America's favorites.

Image courtesy Business Wire

Denny’s customers can now enjoy free refills on any order of pancakes or french fries.

The offer comes just two weeks after the chain held its annual Grand Slam Guest Appreciation Day, during which, for eight hours, all Denny’s locations refused to charge for their signature breakfast platter.  A press release issued Monday claims that over 2 million customers nationwide have taken advantage of the giveaway in each of the last two years since its inception.  Denny’s President and CEO Nelson Marchioli tells Spartanburg Herald-Journal that 2010’s Grand Slam Guest Appreciation Day appears to have garnered an equal amount of customer traffic.

The endless pancakes-and-french-fries offer also comes on the heels of a similar promotion by competing casual dining chain, International House of Pancakes.  Unlike IHOP’s All-You-Can-Eat Pancakes, though, Denny’s puts no restrictions on its refills.  Whereas IHOP granted an unlimited supply of short stacks during set hours and as part of a particular breakfast combo, Denny’s promises free refills 24 hours a day, seven days a week, on any order of pancakes (buttermilk or whole wheat) and any order of french fries (seasoned, smothered, or plain), so long as it’s accompanied by an entrée.

The South Carolina-based restaurant chain has revealed plans for more promotions throughout 2010, including a customer rewards program, sweepstakes, and additional free food giveaways.  Unlimited pancakes and french fries appear at participating locations this week and last until the end of March.


[Denny’s on Twitter]


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