Burger King Unveils New Toasted Ciabatta Bun Made with Whole Grains

Burger King Tendergrill Chicken Sandwich

Image courtesy Business Wire

Burger King on Monday debuted its newest menu offering, a revamped Tendergrill Chicken Sandwich — now served on toasted ciabatta bread made with whole wheat flour.

The new bun is not made with 100% whole grain (according to a list of ingredients available on the company’s website, “whole wheat flour” serves as the third ingredient in the ciabatta bun, behind enriched wheat flour and water) but contains eight grams of whole grains.

A press release introducing the new buns also claims that the updated premium chicken sandwich contains “less calories, fat and  sodium [than] the previous offering.”  While nutrition information for the old sandwich can no longer be found on the restaurant’s website, when comparing the current Tendergrill Chicken Sandwich with a similar offering, the Original Chicken Sandwich, the former contains nearly half the calories, just under forty percent of the total fat, nearly forty-five percent of the saturated fat, and sixty-seven percent of the sodium of the latter (all in grams).  The new premium chicken sandwich also compares favorably in that it contains just under sixty percent of the total carbohydrates, as well as two less grams of sugar and five more grams of protein than its companion.  The new Tendergrill falls short of the Original Chicken Sandwich, however, when compared according to cholesterol (fifteen more milligrams) and dietary fiber (one less gram, falling just a gram short of the 3 grams per serving recommended by the Mayo Clinic).

At 410 calories (without mayonnaise), the new ciabatta bread sandwich joins thirty-three other entrées that contain 500 calories or less.

The Tendergrill Chicken Sandwich served on toasted ciabatta bread is available at all Burger King locations nationwide.


[Burger King on Twitter]

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