Elk Burger Debuts at Fuddruckers

Fuddruckers 1/2-pound Elk Burger

Image courtesy Business Wire

Fuddruckers unveils its Elk Burger today, third in the restaurant’s Fudds Exotics line of premium sandwiches made from wild game or salmon.

In a press release announcing the new burger, the company states that it consists of a 1/2-pound elk meat patty that is “lean and savory, low in sodium and has 0 g. of artificial trans fats.”  The company has not made nutritional information for the Elk Burger available online.

Fox News correspondents in Arizona described the Elk Burger as “delicious” during an on-air sampling of the sandwich.  Last year, a presumably similar offering earned the title of BurgerVoice.com Burger of the Month.

Joining the Buffalo Burger and the Salmon Filet sandwich, Fuddruckers’ Elk Burger adds to the Fudds Exotics lineup of “all-natural, free-range, grass and grain-fed game burgers and wild-caught salmon filet that are 100% antibiotic and hormone free.”  Rounding out the group, a 1/2-pound Wild Boar Burger will debut in September, followed by a 7-ounce Ostrich Burger that becomes available in November.

Customers can order the Elk Burger starting today at participating Fuddruckers locations.


[Fuddruckers Exotic Fridays on Facebook]


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