Burger King Launches Redesigned Food Packaging in Europe

Burger King New Packaging

Image courtesy Marketing/Haymarket

Burger King today unveiled newly designed product packaging to be used in all European markets by 2011.

As reported in a story published online by UK weekly, Marketing, “the new packaging designs are modern with a focus on the appeal of Burger King’s menus.”  Primary features of the new look include minimal copy and illustrations that borrow elements from pop art.

The Miami-based hamburger chain has invested much of its energy in revamping its look over the last year.  In October, the company unveiled its “20/20” design, which saw additional canopies and alternate signage along restaurant exteriors, as well as “sleek [interiors that] include rotating red flame chandeliers, brilliant TV-screen menus and industrial-inspired corrugated metal and brick walls.”  In an Associated Press article, Burger King Chairman and CEO John Chidsey described the 20/20 design as “contemporary, edgy, futuristic.”  Last month, the first energy-efficient, eco-friendly Burger King opened in Germany.  Along with its gas and electricity-saving broiler, the new location “utilizes state-of-the-art technologies and renewable energy to power one-third of the restaurant’s energy consumption, thus reducing energy costs by 45 percent and the emission of CO2 by more than 120(1) metric tons every year.”  Finally, the company this week began featuring “WWE Superstars…on Burger King Kids Meal packaging and food wraps” within the UK, Germany, Austria, Italy, and Switzerland as part of a promotion with the sports entertainment giant for an upcoming pay-per-view event.

New pop art-inspired food packaging can be found now in select Burger King restaurants across Britain and Ireland.


[Burger King (UK Website)]

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