Blimpie Introduces New Lower-Calorie Selections

Blimpie The Lighter Stuff Menu

Image courtesy Blimpie/ Kahala Corp.

Blimpie yesterday unveiled The Lighter Stuff, a group of six, brand-new entrées meant to appeal to the health-conscious consumer.

The five sub sandwiches and one salad that comprise the new menu group all contain less than 400 calories and less than six grams of fat each.  A press release announcing The Lighter Stuff characterizes the new offerings as “encouraging healthy, active lifestyles.”

Combined with the six sandwiches, two salads, minestrone soup, and chili already recommended by Healthy Dining (a collective made up of “registered dietitians and master’s level health/nutrition professionals” that assess restaurant items according to their ingredients, as well as caloric and fat content), nearly half of Blimpie’s entire menu could potentially appeal to diet-saavy diners.

The Lighter Stuff consists of the Deli Trio Sub, Asian Teriyaki Chicken Sub, Veggie Salad Sub, Turkey and Sweet & Spicy Mustard Sub, Ham and Pepper Relish Sub, and the Buffalo Chicken Salad.  All items appear at participating locations starting this week.


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