Jack in the Box Introduces Breakfast Pita Pocket

Jack in the Box Breakfast Pita Pocket

Image courtesy Jack in the Box Inc.

Jack in the Box’s newest creation, the Breakfast Pita Pocket, premieres today.

With its component scrambled eggs, strips of bacon, sliced ham, and American cheese, the Breakfast Pita Pocket nearly mirrors the Grilled Breakfast Sandwich, which first appeared at the restaurant this April.  As its name suggests, however, the new menu offering substitutes the premium artisan bread of the Grilled Breakfast Sandwich for a pita pocket made with whole grain.  Jack in the Box already uses pita bread for its Chicken Fajita Pita and Pita Snacks.

The Breakfast Pita Pocket premiered this past March as a test product in San Diego, California, home to the hamburger chain’s headquarters.  Back then, occasional fast food reviewer That Bootleg Guy dismissed the entrée, commenting that “there’s simply not enough breakfast meat in the Breakfast Pita to make it any more substantial than a snack” and noting how his serving appeared instantly “uninteresting.”  With its nationwide debut, however, Jack in the Box describes the 424-calorie Breakfast Pita Pocket as “a filling and protein-packed alternative to the more common fast-food fodder.”

Prices for the Breakfast Pita Pocket start at $2.69.  Like the chain’s entire breakfast menu, the item can be purchased all day.


[Jack in the Box on Facebook]


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