Domino’s Extends Its $5.99 Promotional Pricing to 4 New Entrees

Domino's Pizza $5.99 Value Meal Deal

Image courtesy Domino’s IP Holder LLC

Domino’s Pizza has expanded its “2-for-$5.99-each” offer to include all of its non-pizza entrees, allowing customers to mix and match more than just which two toppings will appear atop their pies.

Previously, the deal allowed customers to order two (or more) two-topping pizzas for $5.99 each.  As noted in a news release published by QSR, however, the Michigan-based pizza delivery chain now lets diners choose any combination of two items from its selection of pastas, chicken wings, boneless chicken breast pieces, Oven Baked Sandwiches and Stuffed Cheesy Breads.

Domino’s is promoting the new deal with an advertising push that breaks from the usual trends restaurants follow early in the year.  Nation’s Restaurant News highlights how Domino’s is encouraging its customers to take advantage of these new lower prices and “try something new in 2013.”  Interestingly, though, all of the newly-value priced dishes have been available for at least a year.  The restaurant is probably hoping customers will give these entrees a new look, since none of them have been reviewed particularly well.

Blogger Foodette describes Domino’s boneless chicken strips — the newest of these items to land on the chain’s menu– as soft, chewy, and small.  A review of the poultry pieces on Slashfood is generous enough to describe them as “decent,” but ultimately concludes that they are “not worth buying.”  Both reviews stress how intriguing dipping sauces are the entree’s most distinguishing quality.

Not much has been said lately for Domino’s pasta offerings, but before they were served “in a dish,” as the chain’s website emphasizes, they were served in a bread bowl.  The six different Bread Bowl Pastas were somehow notable for both their “goopy, oily Alfredo sauce” and their tendency to arrive light on meat and “pretty dry.”  A Foodbeast review sums up the carb-on-carb-on-carb dish thusly: “it tastes good, not enough pasta, way too much bowl.”  The company has clearly addressed that last complaint by moving the pasta to more permanent dinnerware.

Within the entire 2-for-$5.99 group, the pizza’ chain’s Oven Baked Sandwiches fared the worst among reviewers the last time they were featured.  Last spring, the Binghamton Food Critic blog described one hoagie variety as “not worth buying” at its then-current price, and another as a “dry sandwich…[that] wasn’t really worth it” at all.

Regardless of how well-received Domino’s non-pizza items are at their new, lower price, the chain likely isn’t too concerned with their individual performance.  The company’s landscape-changing recipe reboot two years ago is still propping up sales, sending the company into nearly half a year of continuous growth.

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