Sonic Adds Three Items to Menu

Sonic, America's Drive-In Sweet Potato Tots, Spicy Jumbo Popcorn Chicken, and Molten Cake Sundae

Image courtesy America’s Drive-In Brand Properties, LLC

Diners visiting Sonic Drive-In locations have had the chance to  enjoy an entire meal of new offerings since last Thursday, when the chain rolled out a new side order, entree and dessert.


The first new item isn’t actually new.  Sonic’s Sweet Potato Tots debuted as a limited-time offering last February.  Although some bloggers took issue with not having their containers filled to the brim, the starter earned generally positive reviews.  The accompanying dipping sauces, however, did not.  Apparently not much has changed — Sonic is once-again offering Berry Spicy and Creamy Chipotle dipping sauces with these new tots, and, as the Houston Press laments, not topping off customers’ boxes.  Sonic now joins Culver’s, Burger King, Carl’s Jr. and others who’ve offered an alternative to the traditional french fry.

A version of Sonic’s newest main dish has also appeared on the restaurant’s menu sporadically for over a year, but now it has an extra kick.  Spicy Jumbo Popcorn Chicken made its debut alongside the aforementioned sweet potato starter.  It seems that customers are as unimpressed with the spicier all-white meat bites as they have been with the milder variation.

Finally, Sonic has unveiled its Molten Cake Sundae, a brand new “dessert with a side of dessert,” as the company describes it in its latest television commercial.  Comprised of “warm molten cake filled with hot fudge and topped with a real ice cream sundae,” the treat comes in three varieties:  Fudge Brownie, Strawberry Banana Split, and Turtle.  Each variety comes with a bevy of toppings, including brownie pieces, fresh fruit, chopped nuts, flavored syrup, whipped cream and, of course, a cherry on top.  Unlike Sonic’s other new LTO’s, the Molten Cake Sundae has been a big hit all around .

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