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Church’s Chicken and Popeyes Bring Back Limited-Time Seafood Favorites

January 28, 2013
Church's Chicken Popcorn Shrimp and Fish & Chips

Image courtesy Cajun Operating Company

Two of the nation’s biggest quick service chicken concepts, Church’s Chicken and Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen revealed this week that some of their most popular fish and shrimp entrees will return next month.


Southern California McDonald’s Becomes Latest LEED-certified Restaurant

January 17, 2012
McDonald's of Southern California LEED Certification

Image credit PR Newswire, courtesy McDonald's of Southern California

Last week, the U.S. Green Building Council awarded LEED Gold certification to a Riverside, California McDonald’s, making it the fourth of the chain’s locations to earn such an honor from the non-profit trade organization.


McDonald’s Japan Unveils Big America Burgers

December 28, 2009
McDonald's Japan Presents: Big America

Image courtesy McDonald's Corporation

Next year, McDonald’s Japan will offer four new sandwiches as part of its Big America menu.

Via Popfi:

“Leave it to the Japanese to make a Hawaiian burger with no Spam or pineapple on it!  Still, while the Japanese might be picking a [non-traditional] format for their American burgers, at least they all have bacon on them.  We can all agree that bacon is the best.”


Subway Tops Franchise 500 for Ninth Time in Ten Years

December 28, 2009
Subway Restaurants

Image courtesy Entrepreneur Magazine

Entrepreneur Magazine released its annual Franchise 500 list and has named Subway Restaurants best franchise for 2010.

For 31 years, the magazine has published a “Franchise 500” issue, which ranks American franchises across all industries.  Subway has won top honors nine times in the last decade (7-Eleven won in 2008).

For 2010, the issue cites growth (1,833 new restaurants in 2009) and manageable franchisee startup costs (as low as $84,000) as reasons the Connecticut-based sandwich shop continues to dominate the list.

McDonald’s follows Subway at number two, the only other fast-food chain in the top ten.


[Subway Franchise Opportunities]

McDonald’s to Unveil Its Breakfast Dollar Menu Nationwide

December 22, 2009
McDonald's Fruit 'n Yogurt Parfait

Image courtesy McDonald's Corporation

Several outlets have picked up the news that fast food giant McDonald’s will soon offer its “Build Your Breakfast”  promotion nationwide, giving customers the chance to order six breakfast items for $1 each.

Beginning in January, 2010, McDonald’s customers can order two sandwiches for just a dollar — the Sausage McMuffin and the Sausage Biscuit — as well as smaller offerings, like a pair of either hotcakes or hash browns, a Fruit ‘n Yogurt Parfait, and a medium coffee.


Free Wi-Fi at McDonald’s: a Roundup

December 18, 2009
WiFi @ McDonald's

Image courtesy and ® McDonald's Corporation

Soon after ComputerWorld reported that McDonald’s will offer free access to its AT&T Wi-Fi hot spots, The Week published an article entitled “McDonald’s vs. Starbucks,” which surveys opinions on the move from around the blogosphere and other news outlets.

While the story in The Week focuses on articles that view the move, combined with the expansion of the McCafé line of premium coffee drinks, as an affront on Starbucks’ customer base, the original story frames McDonald’s decision as the logical response to an increasingly popular strategy in the service industry of reducing or eliminating premiums for Wi-Fi access.  In fact, ComputerWorld even quotes McDonald’s Chief Information Officer David Grooms as expecting to “appeal to customers who visit [McDonald’s] already.”

McDonald’s (in partnership with AT&T) plans to offer free Wi-Fi in 11,000 U.S. locations beginning in January, 2010.



Men’s Health Puts Together Five Cheap and Healthy Lunches

December 18, 2009
Eat This, Not That!

Image courtesy Men's Health

As part of their Eat This, Not That! feature, the editors at Men’s Health have compiled five lunches they claim are the best way to enjoy a fast food lunch that is both healthy and cheap.

Using an article from the print edition published earlier in the year, the magazine’s website suggests a combination of a side order, main entrée, and drink from five different quick-serve eateries in the United States, as well as lists an alternative lunch that’s comparably cheap, but drastically higher in either calories, grams of fat, or sodium.

The cheapest lunch suggested can be found at Taco Bell for $2.10.  Probably not surprisingly, the meal lowest in calories can be bought at Subway — a footlong, Oven Roasted Chicken Sandwich with yogurt and water totalling 405 calories.

All five meals can be found after the jump.